Nystia Nightshade

My New OC
Name: Nystia Nightshade
Age: 129 earth years
Species: fairy
Race: caucasian
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 135 lbs
Eye color: blue
Hair color: violet gradient
Orientation: Heterosexual
Class: Dark Mage
Job: Alchemist
Bio: Nystia wasn't born a normal fairy. She must feed on blood of other fairy, elf, human, etc instead of flower nectar. She was born of high status to socially important parents. They were both slain in a vicious war between fairys and goblins. After they were slain, Nystia was made an outcast in the fairy country where she resides after her need for blood became known. However, she is taken care of since she is one of the few alchemists in the city. The high council provided a small cottage for her on the outskirts of the fairy town Lunari.

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