BIG Changes...Please Read

Before you start to think that there is something wrong, there isn't. I just need a fresh image; well more like a fresh name. I have renamed my sites and have started a new website. My new gallery will carry the name "RVKH Art". You are probably wondering why the change. Well, for starters, I have NEVER liked my name. As to why I created a site using my birth name, I don't know. BUT, I like the origin of my name. Here's a history lesson. "Rebecca" comes from Hebrew in the Holy Bible, but of course, "Rebecca" isn't the original name. The original name is spelled RVKH and pronounced Rivkah (and if I'm wrong, I blame wikipedia, but it sounds cool anyway). So that is why I am assuming this alias from here on out. This site will NO LONGER be updated. Please update your bookmarks to my new site The new site is pretty much the same and will be receiving future updates. I will soon start to change my signature on my art pieces as well. I'm debating on waiting though until the new year when I have to change the date anyway. Sorry for the lengthy explanation.

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