Buttons are $2.50 each. Shipping is $5. I highly recommend getting at least 2 (3 max) since shipping would be the same price. Shipping includes the mailer, gas to get to post office, and USPS price and tracking number. All buttons are 2.25 inches.

(Sorry! International shipping cost is expensive and tracking isn't available)

Button Quantity
Name of Button(s)

Chibi Samus Button
Chibi Holo Button
Chibi Batgirl Button
Drunk Catgirl Button
Supergirl Button
Sheik Button
She-ra Button
Eamane's New Look Button
Sailor Moon Button
Chise Button
Ochako Button
Golden Harvest Button
Wonder Woman Button
Aura Button
Pocky Fairy Button
Chibi Pocky Fairy Button
Storm Button
Supergirl Button
Chibi Catwoman Button
Child of Light Button