Commission Rules:
1. No mechs, hentai, men, lots of muscles, or couples.
2. Please familiarize yourself with my gallery and style. That is how a commission will turn out.
3. One character per commission.
4. Will start the commission once payment is received. The completion of a commission can take up to 3 weeks to complete depending on my schedule.
5. Commissions only available to residents in the USA.
6. If you want a copic commission, it may take longer if there is a color that I will need to order to complete it (I don't have all colors yet because they are so expensive).
7. Please email me at to talk about your commission before payment. I have the right to decline a commission if it is outside my ability to complete.

Fully colored commission (digital or copic markers) - $50
Colored character commission (no background) - $25

Certified mail (signature required) - $6

Payment Methods:


Commission (pickup in person)
Past Commissions
Tyrone (for a friend)

Yvonne (gift for Mike Moon)

Strawberry (Art Trade for Misty)



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